Investment fund, internal exchange, exchange of electronic currencies.

Typhoon is the key to a successful career and a happy life!


The main directions of the company

Investment fund

Accrual of from 2% to 5% every day. Numerous bonuses depending on your affiliate structure.

Internal Exchange

Regulate the bidding process and follow the basic speculative principle: profit from the difference in the purchase and sale of currency.

Exchange of Electronic Currency

The operations are carried out automatically 24 hours a day without holidays and weekends.

Instant transfers between project participants

Conduct money transfers in digital currency between project participants.

Why should you choose a Typhoon?

We are always ready to cooperate with investors on the basis of transparency of the scheme and distribution of profits. By investing with our help, you invest in the future, approaching with every deposit.

Maximum transparency

We weekly provide investors with reports on the conducted transactions for the acquisition and sales of currency, with trade forecasts for the future


Investing from 10 dollars with the help of professional traders Typhoon, you can do without exchange and trading experience

The effectiveness of the affiliate program

You can think about the formation of your team to generate revenue without making investments, as we have thought through a multi-level bonus system

Transfer of investment funds to Typhoon company for our traders

Fair distribution of profit between investors and our company

Interactive chart

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The task of Typhoon company

Combining the basic directions of electronic currency on the basis of a common, secure and anonymous platform, easy for users.


Advantages of cooperation with Typhoon

Trust management

We provide the opportunity to use the passive mode for earnings from 2 to 5 percent daily.


You can get acquainted with weekly reports in the section "News"


To create an account, just specify your e-mail, login and password

Technical support

The support service works 24/7 and is ready to answer all your questions and solve any of your problems.

Fund Size

Since the launch of the project, has reached $ 300,000, growing daily due to the regular deductions from the profit of the project directions.

Bonus 1 TPH for registration

To promote the platform, each registered participant will get 1 TPH.

By investing with our help, you invest in the future,
approaching with every deposit.